Our R&D centres

We apply our scientific capabilities and consumer insights to contribute to advances in nutrition, health and well-being.

Lady eating Solero ice cream

The science behind ice cream's magic

We have developed new technologies to improve the creaminess of our ice-cream. We needed new technology that retains the small air bubbles and the rest of the fine microstructure of the freshly produced ice cream in the product.

Two Girls with a tub of dove

Dove's promise

How the world's top cleansing brand keeps its clinically proven promise.

Lady carrying basket of washing

Lighten your load

Our clever new gel tablets get your laundry brilliantly clean and they're better for the environment. How do we do it?

Twice as dry

Extra protection when you need it

With Sure you know your deodorant won't let you down. Our body-responsive technology kicks in when it’s needed most, giving you the confidence to face the day's challenges.

A family enjoying ice cream

Cool ice cream innovations

Unilever has found a way to make ice cream healthier as well as really tasty. It has all been possible thanks to a new ice cream ingredient discovered by Unilever's ice cream scientists.

Our brands

From sumptuous soups to sensuous soaps, our products all have one thing in common. They help you get more out of life.

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Whats in our products

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