The natural marriage between Carte D’Or and dessert has been unbreakable since 1978, when the first delicious scoop was devoured. Today Carte D’Or’s creative combinations and mouth-watering flavours make it the number one premium ice cream brand to be enjoyed in the UK.

Carte D’Or combines delicious ingredients to deliver a heavenly dessert experience and with its sumptuous flavours, Carte D’Or completes any dessert.

Our gorgeous Carte D’Or range of ice creams includes Carte D’Or Salted Caramel, Italian-inspired Crema di Mascarpone and indulgent Chocolate Inspiration, as well as classics such as Vanilla, Vanilla Light and Rum and Raisin.

In 1990 Carte D'Or was launched in the UK & Ireland. The brand has continued to innovate and bring new flavours to both markets to tempt our taste buds.

At the start of 2004 Carte D’Or launched a new exciting flavour – “Crema di Mascarpone”, a delicious combination of smooth ice cream made with real mascarpone, swirled with a red berry sauce and sprinkled with pistachio nuts. And, in 2012, Carte D’Or has created two new wonderful ice creams: Tender Amaretto, Vanilla and Chocolate and a delicious Strawberry ice cream with real strawberry fruit pieces. For Summer 2013 Carte D’Or followed a growing trend of Salted Caramel, launching a delicious product with real caramel pieces.

So, whether you’re looking for something simple for your family or something spectacular for a special night in, Carte D’Or is the key ingredient for creating easy, inspirational, and delicious dessert ideas.

Once you’ve got Carte D’Or, you’ve got dessert.