Since 1747, Maille has developed a unique expertise to offer you the finest French mustards and condiments.

In 1720 the population of Marseille had been decimated by the plague and so the craftsman Antoine Maille invented "the Vinegar of the Four Thieves“. Its antiseptic properties saved the lives of many people. Then in 1747 Antoine Claude Maille (son of Antoine) founded the famous Maille brand and the House of Maille, a vinegar and mustard shop, rue Saint André des Arts in Paris, making Maille a brand deeply rooted in French history.

Over the course of more than 260 years, the creators at Maille have found that only through using the finest ingredients inspired by traditional artisan methods can the Maille Gold standard be reached.

So with Maille, every meal has the richest flavours and the best quality taste that can only come from true expertise and keen cooks all over the world use Maille mustards to bring out extra flavours in their cooking.

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