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When you are looking for that great fruity feeling, nothing beats a refreshing Solero. A deliciously light product, Solero is also a great way to cool down when the heat is on.

Solero is a hand-held ice cream covered in fruit sorbet and is popular in the UK & Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. It was launched by Wall’s in 1994 in the UK and in 1995 by HB (a local Irish brand) in the Republic of Ireland. The range has been expanded with Solero Exotic Explosion, an ice cream rippled with fruit sorbet and containing pieces of fruit.

Solero ice cream was first launched by Wall's (Unilever) in 1994 in the UK and in 1995 by HB in Ireland. It was manufactured using a unique process that enabled high quality ice cream to be covered with a soft fruit sorbet. Between 1996 and 1997 Solero Forest Fruits, Solero Exotic Fruits and Citrus Fruits were launched. Great news for those who like to look after themselves as these contained less than 4% fat.

Back in 1999, Solero Shots, free-flowing citrus-flavour ice spheres in re-sealable cartons, made their debut. The demand for low-fat products continued in 2007 with the launch of Solero Smoothies with two fantastic flavours: Strawberry and Banana, and Blackberry and Banana. They both had the blend of refreshing fruit sorbet and smooth banana ice cream.

In 2011 we have decided to refresh our Solero range and now just focus on selling our two favourite flavours: Exotic and Berry Berry. These new and improved flavours were re-launched under the Solero Explosion range and are the perfect treat to cool you down in the summer sun, or whenever you need some light refreshment. Available in two mouth watering flavours, each Solero Explosion combines a smooth indulgent centre with a gorgeous fruit sorbet coating.

Solero Exotic Explosion is delicious soft vanilla core, rippled with an exotic fruit swirl, and coated in delicious sorbet with real fruit pieces. We know there is just something about ice cream combined with fruit that’s irresistible so we have almost doubled the fruit content in new Solero Exotic Explosion and have improved the quality of the product. And if that’s not enough, Solero Exotic Explosion is now 90 calories per stick.

Solero Berry Explosion combines strawberry fruit ice with a fruits of the forest swirl and a fruits of the forest sorbet coating with delicious real fruit pieces; it’s a fruit lover’s dream. Berry Explosion, with a 50% fruit and fruit juice content tastes deliciously light and now is also just 90 calories per stick.

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