Founded in 1928 in Birmingham, Brylcreem has been a long standing styling aid for men. Originally sold only to barbers, Brylcreem gained critical appeal in the 1930s as the styling range best able to achieve the smart and clean-cut hairstyle that was fashionable at the time. The brand was bolstered by its iconic jingle ‘A little dab’ll do ya! You’ll look so debonaire.’.

Today Brylcreem has a concise men’s styling range made up of its Original Paste (still sold in its 1960s packaging), a few gels, a wax and a cream.

Brylcreem was built on giving men confidence – ‘Brylcreem goes hand in hand with success’. This confidence was derived from Brylcreem’s reliable performance in creating neat, sharp hairstyles every day.

Brylcreem is the No.1 styling brand in Ireland and it’s Strong and Wet-Look gels are today’s preferred products for achieving that neat slicked-back hairstyle, whilst its Original Paste remains a favourite with older consumers

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